Beauty & Health

Time for your body

What could be nicer than finally having time for yourself. Use your time-out for health and well-being. We have the right offers for you.

Fine beauty applications

Our cosmetic treatments are like an extra vacation for your skin, hair and soul. And of course suitable for women and men.

Botox time

One of the most popular doctors in Austria, Dr. medical Elisabeth Keil offers the careful use of BTX on Saturdays at the Moserhof estate. Your wrinkles are gently smoothed out. The face appears refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatment. Please book your appointments before arrival at our reception.

Tension & back pain

Miss Dr. Keil offers gentle manual therapy on Saturdays directly at the Moserhof estate. So that you not only return from your vacation relaxed but also free of symptoms.

Manual therapy


Whether pain treatment, respiratory diseases, allergies, strengthening the immune system: the acupuncture therapy by Dr. Keil brings you relief or new momentum.

Highlights of our country estate holiday world

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Ein Traum für Reiter
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