The taste of your childhood

Pleasure is simple – and still unique at the Moserhof. Biting in a fresh apple, which you have directly picked from a tree, or tasting a fresh wood stove beaked bread, which lets water converge in your mouth, those are pleasure experiences, which some guest did not have since their childhood. For us, healthy and delicious farm cuisine belongs to a holiday from sunrise do sunset.

Our Catering-Variants


Landgut Kulinarik (obligatory in main and high season)


In the morning you have breakfast at the Gutshaus or pick up a delicious breakfast basket.

In the afternoon (except Sundays) there is coffee and homemade cake provided at the Gutshaus, or at the sunny terrace.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening a delicious carinthian dinner will be served.

Ingrediences are organic and regional.


Cake Summer




Did you have a good nightsleep?

Then start the day with a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

Either at a covered table at a buffet with organic specialities in the Gutshaus, or you pick up your own breakfast basket with bread, butter, salami, cheese, jam, honey, eggs, cereal, fruits and enjoy it in your own chalet living room, or at your own terrace.



Helene with basket


From the middle of November to Christmas and from March to the Palm week our accomodation is bookable just for self providers. 
(the exact times can be found here)

self provider

Purchasing at the farm store, cooking in the chalet. This offer provides you with the flexibility you want. The kitchen in the chalets are roomy and fully equipped with crockey, the most important spices, stove, oven and dishwasher.

At the terrace you find your own grill, which is always in action on sunny days. Incredients in best organic quality are offered at the farm store – steaks, sausages, smoked bacon, cheese, potatoes, bread, milk, dairy products, homemade jam, honey, herb vinegar and oil, eggs, liquor, juices or farm handicrafts.

Additional shooping possibilities (supermarktes and other stores, like the organic shop “Tauernfenster” and the farm store “Walter”) are just 4 kilometers away in the city Obervellach.


Vegetables basket

Bookable extras. Which you can enjoy in your own chalet, at the "Herzelstube", or at the "Backhäusl":


Carinthian snack with bread, bacon, salami and cheese 15 € p.P

Raclette with fresh salads 28 € p.P.

Fondue with fresh salads and sauces 28 € p.P.

Fondue & Raclette – Combination 35 € p.P.

(All prices per person, children- 30 %)


A cozy place for small and big particularities – that is our “Herzerlstube” at the first floor of the Backhäusl. The middleppoint of the room is an extended wooden table for up to 18 people. Fans of the hand-craftet wooden hearts of Heinz Hartweger find them here. The hearts not only give the room its name, but also a charming atmosphere. Furthermore, at the Herzerlstube you can find all offerd farm products, except groceries, which are not durable. Those you can get directly at our kitchen.


Once a week our wooden stove is heated up, to provide homemade bread for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you would like to, you can join the baking with your children and knead the dough, form the loaf and then wait until the bread gets it’s golden brown crust in the stove. The wooden table is for up to five people.


Jausenstation Launsberghütte in Obervellach

Herkuleshof in Reißeck

Zur guten Quelle in Obervellach

Oberstbergmeisteramt in Obervellach

Almgasthof Himmelbauer in Obervellach

Gasthaus Alpenheim in Penk