Badehäusl wellness

RElax, resort and recover

 Sauna and relaxing programms

Take some time-off for yourself, time with your partner, or with the family. For this we have built our "Badehäusl", which is made out of organic wood and is standing majecsticly at the end of the chalet village. Parts of our relax oasis is a finnish and herbs sauna, a infrarot cabin, a relaxation area with glass floor to see our miniature river paradise, an open chimney, an open bar with tee and fruits and two rooms for relaxing pogramms, which can be booked at the reception.

The Badehäusl is open daily from 16:00 to 22:00.
Children under 14 years have to be accompanied by an adult.

Our waterworld

To cool yourself off, farmer Heinz carved a mountainlarch-trough, which lets you enjoy the fresh water of the alps directly under the blue sky. In the summer months the pond provides the perfect cool off, which is reachable within a few steps through the fragrant herbs garden. Here you can romb around with your children, jump in the water from the wooden web and take a relaxing night swim. Next to it, there is our play-bay, to build sandcastles or litte dams. The river Möll flows parrerel to it, which invites with its shallow and calm water to a quick cold water walk or a short jump in.