rules for living with each other

Please contact your veterianian before every holiday. He has the correct information about documents and vacciniations your dog has to have in order to entry Austria.

At the border you could have to show a valid pet passport and a valid proof of vaccination against rabies. During your stay in Autria your dog has to be on the leash and with a speficic muzzle at some places.

On ferries and mountain railways both are mandatory. Furthermore, every dog has to have a visible tattoo, or a microship in order to display the ownership.

At the Moserhof dogs can run around freely. (except in the Gutshaus and in the Badehäusl).

We have free plastic bags for your dog’s excrements available in front of the doll house in the chalet village. Elsewhere you should always have your dog on the leash.

Please give special consideration for cyclists, jogger and children. Furtheremore, please respect the wild animal life, especially during breeding times. As precaution we advice you to complete a dog liability insurance.