From capercaile to red deer

Have you even seen a deer close by? Or how a caperdaile peform the courtship display? We are taking you to several hours of stalking to unique wildlife watching places. (150 € for max. four people, dates upon request, children have to be accompanied by parents).

Do you want to go hunting on your own? Our hunting terretorry extends from the Landgut up to the “Teuchelspitz” with a size of 225 ha. Antother of our territories has around 550 ha and is reachable by car within 20 minutes. In both terretories you can find all common wild species. Starting from 1st of June you can hunt roebuck (price between 500,- to 1.000,- €).

Starting from 1st of August you can hunt red deer (price depends on category between 1.000,- to 3.000,- €). You can also hunt chamois starting from 1st of August (price depends on category 1.000,- o 3.000,- €). We also have black grouse and capercaille in our hunting territory (Season and price upon request).

Tip: If you stay in our “Bloatschtratten Hütte”, or the newly built Bergchalet Moseralm, you are living in the middle of the hunting territory.